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Genetics is the science of genes and heredity, where scientists study the causes and consequences of similarities and differences between living things. Since the main morphological and physiological features of organisms are inherited, it is not possible to understand the secrets of their functioning without unravelling their origins at the molecular, cellular, organism and population levels.

Research in our department includes genetic analyses of the cellular organization, gamete formation and membrane transport processes, the relationship between circadian rhythm and gene expression, and archaeogenetic studies Our research models include the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) and Arapidospis thaliana which provide an unparalleled methodological richness in the study of the genetic basis of life processes.


Genetics has influenced the development of life sciences such as agriculture, biotechnology, medicine and evolution. This influence and the impressive progress in genetics will continue in the future, offering a rich reward to young professionals who master the knowledge, methods and mindset of genetics. To this end, our Department's teaching activities include classical and molecular genetics at the undergraduate, master's and PhD doctoral school levels. We pay special attention to the scientific development of our undergraduate, master's and PhD students.

We hope you will find useful information about our teaching and research activities on this website.

Dr. Rita Sinka
associate professor, PI


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